The VI. International Horn Academy will start soon 


This year (from 15 August to 22 August) the International Horn Academy will be held in Balatonfüred for the 6th time with participants from Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Mexico. The artistic director of the course is Szabolcs Zempléni, a horn professor at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre. (You can find further information about him: here .)

The course takes place at the Horn Academy in two age groups: in the Master Course with 24 participants aged 17-28, and in the Young Age Course with 8 participants aged 12-16.

The teachers of the course are:

Prof. Christian- Friedrich Dallmann (Berlin), Prof. Szabolcs Zempléni (Hamburg), Miklós Takács (Dresden), Prof. Saar Berger (Trossingen), Zoltán Szőke (Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest), Máté Borbíró (University of Pécs). The répétiteur is Akiko Nikami (Berlin).

The venues of the Academy are:

Balatonfüred Reformed Primary School and János Ferencsik Music School (Balatonfüred).

The main events, concerts are the followings:

15 August, 19.00: Opening concert (Music School)

18 August, 15.00: Matinee (Music School)

19 August, 18.30: Flashmob Concert on the lake (Tagore promenade)

20 August, 18.00: Students' Concert (Music School)

21 August, 19.00: Closing Concert (Reformed "White" Church)

In addition to the teachers of the course, singer Réka Kristóf (the absolute winner of the Virtuosos Talent Contest 2017) and pianist Fülöp Ránki will perform at the opening concert of the course (on 15th August).

The exhibitors in the Calvin Room of the Balatonfüred Reformed Primary School are:

Juhász Zoltán/Juhász Naturhorns, Klaus Fehr/Fehr Horns, Florian Kühn/Ricco Kühn Horns and Hans Herrmann/Alexander Horns.

(Video about the 2018 course and from 1:28 about the flashmob: Balaton Television: )

The Horn Academy is implemented with the support of VEB2023, MMA and NKA.

Pictures and more information about the course are available on the Academy's Facebook page:

We look forward to seeing you at the VI. International Horn Academy!